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since 04.04.2000

Rally Patch from the Lion

The 10th Lion Rally Bike Show.

I've got no idea who won what in the bike show - or even what the categories were! That would be far to organised of me!

Apologies to the owners of the bikes in the show that I didn't get snaps of - nothing personal, I just ran out of space on the camera (and couldn't be arsed to change the flash card!).

I love the shape of the enclosed chair on this combo. I saw it on the field earlier, and was glad to see it in the show - looks like it was scavenged from a fair ground ride!

The green & pink Harley Combo was amazingly pretty - and for once, I'm not using the word 'pretty' as an insult! It really glowed in the bright sunlight.

Three very different Beemers, none of which look like mine! I think I've seen the 'Post-Apocalypse' one before at some rally shows. I really liked the cafe-racer styled bmw - very sparse emphasising those HUGE pots sticking out either side. The Ratbike was cool - no deliberately snotty paint, just very functional.

A classic 'BathTub' triumph twin - one of the rare examples that hasn't had the bathtub ripped off - and a very funky triple. Couldn't see a pool of oil under either - take note Simon!

I don't know if the owner of this has more money that sense, but they've certainly got more money than me! Don't know how to decribe this - just look at the pics.

Yes, that is a single sided front end!

A reasonably understated Harley, with a cracking paint job.

A nice bit of modern art, using scooters and lots of weld! Tate Modern, here we come!