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since 04.04.2000

Autumn NABD'ness

Marston, 12th to 14th September 2008

Report and pictures by Wendy.

I think the pictures say it all for this rally! Not too bad when we got there on Friday, to put the tent up - very long grass, but the ground very soft underneath. Add more bikes, and more tents (about 1000 people altogether) and 'soft' soon became a mud bath!! Further rain over the weekend did not help. Nor did the tractors, brought in to drag cars on and off and tow the 4 x 4 and trailer round that were needed to service the portaloos. Their weight and large tyres simply dug ravines in the mud (I fell into one, and I was reasonably sobre!). No fun if you were trying to get about on sticks, though - and worse if you were in a wheelchair. Amazing how much fun we did have, then! An experience - but not one I would repeat if given a choice.