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since 04.04.2000

Mick (a.k.a. Judas)

This is Micks Triumph Sprint 955i - Mick's one of those tall buggers, who can ride a Triumph and still touch the floor with both feet!

Mick's a bit camera shy - luckily, he's found something to hide behind!

This is Micks previous bike, a Triumph Daytona 1200, shown here at the Birthday Bash.

OK, so now Mick is sneaking around the countryside in disguise! He pulled up alongside us in Cleobury and was surprised when we did not realise who it was. I must confess that I often don't recognise people, if they are where I don't expect to see them, but JJ is usually hot stuff at it. Mind you, when a biker is all geared up and is wearing a change of outfit from what we are used to seeing ..... even down to the bike! ...... it is hardly surprising. Apparently he still has the Sprint (are we in at the birth of a new bike collection?) but can we have a picture of the new one for this page please Mick? That way you can be sure of getting the usual friendly thumbs up (it is thumbs that are used, isn't it?) from the rest of us when we see you out.

Not only is he collecting bikes, Mick is also extending his computer skills! Wow!! Mick e-mailed these pics over to me himself (after telling me for 12 months that he did not know how to!). Believe me, if I can learn to put them onto the website, anyone can cope!

Nice pictures as well, Mick. Thank you.

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