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since 04.04.2000

New Year 07

A great start to 2007. Does anyone else have words or pictures of January events that we can add to this page, please?

We ended last year, and began this, in great style - at the Grubs' New Year party. We enjoyed their rally at Birch Coppice Social Club and were looking forward to going there again for the New Year party.

Unfortunately, many of the parties on offer at the clubs are just too far away to want to drive back afterwards (even if we had suitably sized transport and a teetotal driver). This one offers free camping overnight, and an excellent cooked breakfast next morning for a good price. (For those who are up next morning, and can face cooked breakfast!).

New Year's Eve was wet, and very windy, and JJ and I resorted to car and caravan (shame!). Still, it did provide us all with a warm, dry place to sit and have a cup of tea on Sunday afternoon. Bod pulled his 'home away from home' behind his trike - through a downpour on the motorway! and Pete and Olwen gave Roy a lift down in the car, but as you can see from the picture below they were true campers.

The small tent was home to Ben Thomas from Cannock MAG; he even travelled down on 2 wheels (brave, or foolhardy?).

The first two pictures were taken about 10 a.m. on the Monday morning, just before we went to breakfast and Bod set off home; as you can see, it was a glorious start to the New Year. I hope this is an omen. The tents appear strangely deserted. The occupants did not get to bed until well into the New Year, apparently - Pete had kept a fire burning all night, and the row of empties is just a small sample.

Last Friday (19th January) was Cannock MAG's party over at the Ex-Servicemen's Club, Hednesford.

Nigel, as West Midlands Rep, went to represent Eddie - and John and I hitched a lift with him. No caravan this time.

The group were loud (as per usual) but they were very good musicians and the singer was equally good. They did have copies of their first CD with them (the singer mentioned this at regular intervals during the evening). Didn't really think of it at the time, but should have bought a copy - I must admit, not all their numbers were roof-raising loud.

Cannock's secretary, Jane, can be seen here with friends. The room got pretty full during the evening, but most of us enjoyed the music from our seats - with a glass in hand!

Cannock MAG are a friendly group, who have made us feel welcome each time we have gone over. They plan to come over to the Park Inn one Monday - I hope they will be able to say the same about us.

It was great, also, to meet up with members of the 'Grubs' again - so soon after their party.

Theirs is one rally we are hoping to get an invite to again this year, they are such nice people and they put on a true bikers' rally.