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since 04.04.2000

HDRCGB International Oswestry 2006

Report provided by Rob Ayres

Every now and again it makes a change not to have to ride a long way to a rally. Oswestry, being a stone's throw from home, was a doddle when compared to some this year!

Grey weather (par for the course for August bank holidays) didn't damp things down, as the Oswestry Showground had all the inside space you could ask for - with a chill-out area in one of the halls, (remember, this place is an agricultural showground ), and the main hall for the band.

By reading some of my reports you may think I go away, drink till I fall over, and don't remember anything......... well I do remember 'Eddie and the hot rods', 'The Hamsters' - a crap madness tribute band (who did not go down well) , and another amazing band, who were so good and played a double set, but I don't remember their name!

The ride out to Bala Lakes was probably the best this year, as the pace was not totally pedestrian, but slow enough to take in the scenery.

I think that the indifferent weather put some "Fair-weather Riders" off. They missed out on a good rally, and will probably regret it when they read the reports.