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since 04.04.2000

Rob Ayres

Hi, a shot of my bikes, as asked for.

The first is the HD softail. I've had harleys for a good few years, not over impressed with the Hoggy bit. A bike's a bike, I just happen to like machines that can be fixed with an anvil and tongs (know what I mean?).

The second is the Kwak, which I rebuilt a few months ago from a very low mileage summer bike of a neighbour. It's now my winter bike!! semi-rattus, I got the paint free from work. In fact, the whole thing cost me 14 - for indicators, an oil & filter change, and an MOT - to get on the road. What a tight arse!!!!

Rob's name has appeared on pages in our website before today, as he has sent reports and photos for a couple of rallies already. Now, we have finally got him onto the membersbikes page.

February 2007, an update - here's a shot of the 1200 Bandit that replaces the wakisaki as my daily scoot, as the lardtail is off the road until I've finished cutting it up.

May 2007 : a further message from Rob -

Ps. Wendy, here's a picture of the Lardtail to add to my bikes just in case you think it'll never be finished,

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