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Rose is definitely our smallest member (and is happy with that!). As they say - the best things come in small sizes, but don't be fooled! If Rose is collecting for a worthy cause (or even an unworthy one) you will not escape with your wallet. You have been warned!

When she first went for her CBT Rose faced insurmountable odds - firstly, climbing on to the bikes they provided, then trying to reach the floor with her tippy toes once she had hauled herself onto the seat.

Oh, well ... back to the drawing board! Or rather, smile very nicely at your fella and he will rebuild a bike to fit. Once this was sorted, Rose did brilliantly and it seemed no time at all before she was proudly announcing that she had passed her test. Well done!! I don't think I have a picture of the rosebike mark 1, but she is now the proud owner of the smart savage you see above this blurb.

Although her home is in the South, and Rose is a member of Surrey MAG, she has been attending our gatherings for a number of years now and is entitled to be included on our members' pages. (That's what she told me, anyway, and I'm not arguing with her! Anyone who thinks differently can fight their own battles).

If you want any other information on this page, Rose, you will have to e-mail me the text.

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