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since 04.04.2000

Scott (a.k.a. Scotty)

This GS Beemer belongs to Scott, another one of those tall buggers we seem to collect at BCMAG. Scott reckons this is his third GS (first one was "remodelled" by a delightful Ford driver for him, another one was nicked) but I reckon he's actually slipped another one in there by having a second yellow GS before the blue and white one.

One thing is certain - he definitely likes GSes.



Scott's most recent aquisition - a very shiny Guzzi California. He's just saving up for the tassled leather jeans with the buttock-cut-outs! (Maybe shave the beard and just go for the moustache to complete the look?)

Another Scott in the making - Scott's son Chris on his pit-bike.

This is Scott's previous steed - a Yamaha TDM.

Scott was the first person to send his own pictures for the members pages - all the others I have had to aquire by subterfuge and theft! This means he gets all his pictures on the site - click on the thumbnails below to see more.

Scott had also sent some more pictures from the Trafalgar Square demo, which you can see here.

Spotted these 2 pictures while I was scrolling through the forum today (13.05.07) and thought I had better get them onto this page quickly, as Scotty has already headed out and bought another bike.

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