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since 04.04.2000


This is Simon's XJR1300 - his first ever brand new bike. While he can't possibly afford this, at least he's too scared to ever drop it - but watch this space for updates!

The Morale:Loan companies should be more choosy when they give out cash!

This was Simon's matt black Honda CBX550 - mucho street cred - until he decked it on a roundabout and left it by the side of the road. Half hour later when I went to retrieve it for him, it'd already been nicked!

The Morale: always carry a lock, even when you don't think you'll need it!

This was Simon's beloved Bonneville - a 4 year saga of woe and drama! After buying the bike for a certain amount of cash, he then spent nearly twice the certain amount of cash on the bike over the next 4 years, eventually selling it for two thirds of the certain amount of cash.

(the "certain amount of cash" happened to be 1500 - you do the maths!)

The Morale: Don't buy old english crap unless you have money to burn and are dead tasty with spanners!

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A couple of pics showing Simon in his element. Note: most people will recognise Simon best from the second photo!

Rough night? Oh, yes, I recognise him now! Always ready to entertain!