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since 04.04.2000

BCMAGs 1st Sort-of-Xmas rally

17th - 19th November 2000

Lots of pictures for this one, so I've split it over 2 pages. The fun continues here.

Silly hats and lots of beer!

After a lot of sweat (and no small amount of swearing!), we managed to get the control tent up - it helps once you realise the canvas is inside out! A few decorations and balloons added to the (Sort-Of) Xmas feel. A couple of bales of straw to turn the shallow pond back into a gateway, and we were ready for the rush!

People started drifting in shortly after lunch, and Friday evening followed the expected plan - lots of people in the pub getting smashed and posing for silly photographs. A good selection of silly hats materialised, along with an inflatable sheep! (See the next page for the awful details!)

The Royal Oak at Alveley Festive, eh? Guess who's been drinking since 2pm? What did I miss? This man scares me a lot! Chris scratching his brain again

Chillin' Out Oustide.

After the pub, those that could still stand did so, huddling around the control tent and the impromptu wheel barrow fire. There was an oil drum we could have used (for that authentic 'Whino' look), but the wheel barrow proved easier to transport.

Bod provided the entertainment by strumming his guitar for us (that's not a euphemism for masterbation - he was actually strumming his guitar!)

Run, children, run!

At least it's not raining!.

After a spot more rain overnight, Saturday dawned - a bit chilly, but dry. People slowly surfaced, with varying degrees of complaint (mostly from Simon as usual!)

As it was too cold and the field too soggy to raise any enthusiasm for silly games, a couple of the local farmers laid on some entertainment for us. Even though they had been told the field was far to wet to take their tractor and trailer across, they had a go anyway. On the first attempt, they managed to bury the trailer up to the axles in the mud, and only just managed to get the tractor out after unhitching the trailer. They then returned with two tractors for a game of 'push-pull', and managed to sink the trailer in further. On the third attempt, they managed to lift/push the trailer out with some sort of CAT vehicle, narrowly missing some of our tents when it finally broke free!

As you can imagine, we were all very sympathetic! We all stood around, shaking out heads and "reverse whistling" (purse your lips and suck air in, like you're a bike mechanic that's just been asked "How Much?") at them. The silly buggers even had the nerve to come back in the pub that evening! Helen spent a good time bullying them until they agreed to come back and put the field right.

No rush Nigel!

The Landlord and Landlady of the Royal Oak both fancied a go on a motorbike, so a couple of volunteers were found to take them out for a spin. Heather seemed to enjoy her go on the back of Kellers Goldwing, but we couldn't get a straight answer out of Roger after his brief blast on the back of Mick's Daytona 1200! He seemed alright after the shakes passed!