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since 04.04.2000

BCMAGs 1st Sort-of-Xmas rally

17th - 19th November 2000

So, How many bikers does it take to start a bonfire?

Answer: Six! And it takes about an hour! In our defence, the wood was wet (it had been raining earlier in the evening), and our combustible materials consisted of a few old TV Times, a disposable lighter, and a cooking stove! Next time - napalm!

Lots of tickets - No Prizes! Tony moves so fast he's a blur! Lefty looking very mellow.

Ah, yes...the inflatable sheep!

For reasons best kept to himself, Adam had found it necessary to bring an inflatable sheep with him to the rally. This, of course, is guaranteed merriment, as everyone tries to pose in more and more ridiculous poses with 'Dolly' for the camera. Not surprisingly, Adam won this as he has no pride! (I also think he's been practising at home!)

Eventually, Dolly was too traumatised by the whole experience, and so was cremated in the remains of the bonfire. (Given the choice of that or another night in Adams tent, I think she made the wisest move!)


Personally, I couldn't be more pleased with the way the rally went off. This is the first rally that I've been involved in organising, and I went through a good deal of panic last week, imagining all the things that could go wrong. However, the toilets turned up, the pub sold beer, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. (Especially Adam and Dolly!)

The field could have done with being a bit firmer under foot - mind you, standing ankle deep in mud does make for a good bonding experience - and we had some seriously silly games involving tractors and trailers!

It would have been nice if a few more people turned up, but there was still enough people for a good rally atmosphere. The numbers were up slightly from the Birthday Bash, so there is some progress.

And we even signed up a new MAG member!

People To Thank:

As well as all the people who helped both before and during the rally, big thanks have to go to Roger and Heather at the Royal Oak. We couldn't have asked for more helpful people, and they made all of us feel welcome.

Also, 'thank you's go to the following businesses who donated prizes for the raffles and auctions:

QB Motorcycles
89-91 High St
Quarry Bank
Brierly Hill

Sandies Cafe
Bromford Lane

Cradeley Kawazaki
St Annes Road
B64 5EJ

Mucklows Hill

Speedaway Motorcycles
78A Oldbury Road
West Midlands
B65 0JS

West Midlands Motorcycles
343 Brettle lane
Brierley Hill
West Midlands

B&J Bikes
Doctors Piece
West Midlands
WV13 1PZ

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