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since 04.04.2000

Spring NABD Rally

Report and pictures supplied by John New

We awoke Friday morning and were pleased to find that the rain which had been on all week had finally stopped. The sky was cloudy but the sun was trying to come through and I was quite happy at the prospect of getting to the rally site in the dry.

We loaded the camping gear onto the old FJ and made our way through Wolverhampton along the A41 to meet up with Guzzi Gaz & Jan, by the Spider's Web Café at Cosford. There was no time for pleasantries and we all set off up the the A41 towards our rally destination, near Jodrell Bank. The pace was a bit slow at times, as we got stuck behind tractors and lorries. I did not mind too much as I am used to following Gaz and there is not much difference in speed!!! He may not be the fastest rider out there, but he is damn good with directions and we arrived at the camp site without any fuss at all, closely followed by Adam & Rosie.

We set up camp and went for a wander round the stalls. I wasn’t really hungry, but the others forced me to have some food and being out numbered was forced to eat. The food was a tad pricey but not so way over the top that they were takin the p*ss; the beer, however, was quite reasonable - £1.25 a can, and you can't moan at that for rally prices! The only problem was that at that price we necked so many, we were too tired to stay up to watch the exotic dancers!!!

There were three marquees, with various entertainment going on almost all day. I quite enjoyed listening to the bloke playing the mandolin, he was very good. There was also an impromptu display of marquee tent pole climbing by a guy wearing only a woman's G-String ( he may have done himself an injury when he slid back down. OUCH!)

There were also lots of stalls to look round. Again, most of the stuff was quite cheap; I wish I had taken more cash now. The weather was quite kind to us. Although there were a few torrential down pours we never seemed to get wet - we were always in the beer tent, or undercover in a stall.

All in all this was an excellent rally, the only problem being that there was so much to see and do, but not enough time to fit it all in. As this was so good, I can't wait for the Autumn NaBDness rally!

I will definitely do this rally again next year.

OK, folks, so I have finally found time to get back onto the website and process the photos that go with this report. Those of you who are of a nervous disposition may prefer to log off now.

Tents and bikes have a nice, calming effect; the management accept no responsibility for the content of the other photos!