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since 04.04.2000

Stormin' The Castle 2005

Words & picture by Rob

Due to moving from the west country to the west mid's this year ,due to my job, the rally calender was about as bleak as it could get, so after 12 months of living away from home through the week and trying to sell a house, a good blow out was long overdue.

The Friday morning I left to meet a mate of mine in Goole I could not believe the weather, and with the old Buell Lightning loaded up, things could not get any better.

Gary used his Triumph Trophy, for purely practical reasons, (and I was later to find out, the panniers carried a couple of freezing 6 packs!), and we headed up the A1 to the North East.

This was my first Stormin' the Castle, however Gary had done a couple, and gave it 10/10, apart from the boring journey!

We arrived at about two 0'clock, pitched tents, cracked cans, (or was it the other way round?) and had wander, towards the bar in Witton Castle, and then really got into the rally spirit ready for the nights entertainment.

The two tents provided a balance between the headliners and smaller local bands, this meant you could drift between the two, the bars were never to crowded to get to, and the prices were not out of control.

On Saturday we went out and explored the local area, and stocked up on high cholesterol breakfast food, and filled those Triumph panniers up with the golden throat charmer!

Back in time for the custom show, which was of a high standard, and for me contained one bike, the little ducati chop, that outshines any yank meg a buck effort any day.

Highlights of the rally were The Hayseed Dixie's and The Damned, the level pitch we nabbed by being reasonably early, the lowlights, not winning the MAG raffle!

I'll be doing this one again, this time I'm gonna take a more scenic route though!