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since 04.04.2000

The Sandwell Strategy For Powered Two Wheelers.

Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council have produced, in consultation with various other groups, a document outlining Sandwells strategy concerning Powered Two Wheelers (i.e. Motorbikes and Mopeds).

By creating this document, Sandwell are acknowledging the part that Powered Two Wheelers (PTW's) have to play in modern transport enviroments. The document has been produced by the 'Sandwell Motorcyclists Forum', set up by Sandwell MBC, and has already been requested by many other Councils around the country and abroad.

Download it now using the links below.

Download the Strategy as a Word 97 document
Download the Strategy as a Rich Text document
Download the Strategy as a WordPerfect document

If you want to look at it in HTML format (if you don't pay for your phone calls!), you can view it on the Moonshiners site.

If anyone wants this in another format, email the Webmaster.

As a first step to implementing this strategy, information packs containing contact numbers to report road hazards are being produced.

Motorcycle news ran an article on Alan Tilly, the instigator of the strategy document, in the 17 May edition. They we're so impressed with his contribution to motorcycling that they've organised a CBT course for him.

Alan came to one of our Monday night meetings, and was taken out for a spin by our nominated 'kind-to-new-pillions' rider.

He has no idea... ..what he's let himself in for!