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since 04.04.2000

Celtic Lions MCC's "Shake Your Pussy Too" rally

don't know the date, coz Adam's crap at these reports

Words by Adam and Dave. Photos by Adam

Yes the brave few got their bikes out for a little ride to Loughborough to go to the "SHAKE YA PUSSY TOO" rally. Then yes the worst luck of all, it was forecast rain so we drew straws - Jan lost so we all went in her car. On the way up me and Dave hade an epiphany so we opened up the hip flask at junction 5 on the m6 and talked about nowt. By the time we got there we had this angelic glow of scotch about us and believe it or not got the tent up in record time. SPOOKY.

After feeding the nats on our flesh just for fun we went into the pub. It was a great place and well worth another visit. It was an old mill with a waterwheel behind glass in the one room. It was a maze of small rooms and interesting corners. The food time table required attention as it was on and off so a couple of people did not get fed. ha ha im on a diet so it served them right. On the way back to the tents we found a wheel barrow so I got in it. Jan tried to push it but only managed a few yards the lazy cow.

Back in the band room it was party time. Balloons, hats and fancy dress (oh tell a lie that was jans frock.) The band was called WYSIWIYG and they were the best rally band I have ever heard. They had a vocalist who could cover a very wide range of tunes from Metalica to Madness. They had a lead guitarist, bass, drums, keyboards and a saxophonist. This band was in all ways the muts nuts and the floor was packed all night. They were not so loud that could not talk but by gum they were quality.

Staggering back to the tent me and Rosy found our wheel barrow of love. So staggering across the field with our new found wana be side car we decided to put it to good use. After zipping Daves tent back up we went to bed. Apparently there was a bit of harsh language when he leapt into his tent for a kip and found with his head and knee our little gift. I slept through the lot it must have been all the it had nowt to do with all the booze honest.... hic....

As usual I was up the next day having breakfast with Rosy and Dave and Jan had missed yet another meal as they was going to eat in the pub. Yes at 9.10 they got up but the pub stopped breakfast at 9am and started dinner at 11.30. I nearly pissed my pants laughing as I tucked into my porridge.

The picture of Dave with a bra on was when he was jumping round the field singing happy birthday mr president. After that we went home as Dave had made us all ill.

Book this band mr P as they were ggggggrrrrrreeeeeeaaaatttttt. A good rally for a one nighter. The Celtic lions mcc put it on so if you want the number for the band contact Maxine on 07793049583 Andy 07810273535/ 01509 820352 or Jan 07800508718