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About This Website

If you want anything included on this site, please contact me (Wendy) either by email or by finding me at one of the Monday night meetings. I have red hair and will usually be holding a half pint of bitter (if my glass is empty, you will find me by the bar!).

Any information remotely relevant (or just entertaining) will be welcome.

About the Forum/Guestbook/Events list

Anyone is welcome to post in the guestbook or events list. Only registered members can post in the Forum section - although everyone is welcome to join the forum.

Anything deemed unsuitable in the Forum/Guestbook/Events list will be removed. Please let Steve know if you want other sections added to the forum. Contact him by email.


The following disclaimer was posted by Steve when he was officially webmaster of this site. I am now the named webmaster, but I am still learning my trade from the Master, so what he considered necessary I am certainly not going to ditch! I try not to rant too often (it takes too much energy) but I am quite capable of annoying people, so the disclaimer stays!

Content on this site is generally my own opinion. Although I do try to keep up with all things MAG, I am perfectly capable of getting things wrong, or annoying individuals when I switch into Rant Mode.

So, if anything on this site is incorrect or offensive, blame me - not MAG-UK. Try emailing me (see Contacts page) with your concerns. I am generally a reasonable sort of person, so even if I don't agree with you and tell you to bugger off, I will do it politely!

Oh, yeah - Legal Disclaimer: You aren't allowed to sue me over anything!